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Mone’t Films Motion Picture Financing - Worldwide
Film Funding is the difficult process of finding money for film projects. Film Funding is a necessary part for any film production. Most of the time, it is illusive and impossible to find.   Film production is the process of making the film based on the initial story to final distribution.  It is those wonderful stories that have marketability.

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Important Ingredients - The important ingredient in making a film, besides ideas, is a good screenplay and the actor’s ability to bring these characters to life. This body of work can’t be accomplished without finance.

film funding“The Good News" is that today Mone’t Films has the funds available for the filmmaker.

Mone’t Films is committed to providing funding sources for your stories that need to be told and need to be seen.

Film Funds - Getting a film funded is very similar to starting a new business.  Its hard work, really a full time job and the desired results are often not achievable. You need to have a partner whose passion for finding money is equal to your passion for making films. Mone’t Films is that partner.

Mone't Films - Mone’t Inc (dba) Mone’t Films is an executive level financial and management firm that provides support to corporations, financial institutions and high net worth individuals. We are thrilled to say that this support now extends out to the Film Industry.

Film Division - Mone’t Films Motion Picture and Film Financing Division is a specialized consultation service managed by and with expert affiliations with seasoned professionals with proven experience in finance, film production, Executive Producers, Accountants, Line Producers, and Attorneys.  Mone’t and it’s affiliates have experience in finance, music, distribution, film, television, insurance binders, sureties, and completion bonds. The professional service affiliates to Mone’t Films are there to protect the filmmakers, their projects and any investors and talent they may have.  Mone’t Films will provide services for Motion Pictures, Television, Music, and all Entertainment Projects; Business Plan Consultation and Services; Real Estate Development and studio financing problems of the Independent Producer.

Investment Package - The film funding investment package is the amount of the package offered by the investors for your film budget.  Each project funding request is based on its own specific merits. You are able to submit your detailed funding requests and the Rate Of Return (ROI) that you are offering for investment on your project(s). We will either accept or counter-offer you!!!

Mone’t Films has 3 main Objectives:

  • To review the merits of each MOTION PICTURE submitted by each entrepreneur.
  • To provide those MOTION PICTURES selected; an avenue that fills the void between the filmmaker and the investor, through our ability to provide funding options.
  • To invite investors from around the globe to participate with impressive and exciting MOTION PICTURES from start-up to completion.

Below is a list of preliminary documents that are required in order to receive an evaluation for funding and/or joint venture participation in the production of a motion picture.

Budget of the Film:
This should exclude any estimate of bank fees, bank legal costs or bank interest on the production investment.  It should include a full 10%-15% contingency and completion guarantee fee and a projected cash flow schedule referencing the projected draw dates through a proposed distribution facility designated by Mone’t Films.  If the project lacks distribution we will assist in securing distribution on projects we facilitate and fund.

Production Schedule:
   → Start of pre-production
   → Start of principal photography
   → Completion of principal photography
   → Delivery Date & Back end delivery date (including allowances for unforeseen circumstance)

Copy of Script or Screenplay:
Complete copy of script to be read and reviewed by Mone’t Team

Synopsis of Film Plot:
Maximum of one page

Details of a Reputable Producer/Director:
Complete biographies are required to verify experience

Cast Biographies:
Biographies of principal cast members

Contract Details:
Names of distributors, territories, and rights acquired market.
Detail of any hold-backs that might restrict any initial release of film.

If you would like to obtain further details surrounding financing your film, documentary, or wish to discuss any matter in complete confidence, please contact us at:


Mone’t Films (A Division of Mone’t Inc.)
“Your Funding Artist for Artistic Production”

(Any communication with us is considered PRIVILEGED and CONFIDENTIAL) Mone’t Films requires Non-Compete Non-Disclosure agreements signed by both parties.

Advantages - Mone’t Films has a unique and ingenious funding process which allows for swift funding for Motion Picture projects.  Utilizing Mone’t Films resource provides you the following advantages:

  • You may retain Control 
  • The Principals retain complete creative Control
  • Non-Recourse Funding (No Personal Guarantees)
  • Investment Requests are reviewed and offers are made in writing within 15 working days after receipt of all required and requested data.
  • Full Disclosure of Funding Protocols and Parameters
  • We will facilitate Funding of the entire approved Production
  • Variety of Funding Options
  • We can facilitate Funding of all Movie Ancillaries
  • Minimal Cash Investment Requirements
  • Funding Available for Production Facilities
  • Technical Resource Assistance, Related to Business Strategies, Business Plans, Marketing and Product Advertisement Revenue



At Mone't Films our flexible loan programs, Direct Correspondent Relationships, accompanied with our diverse experience and expertise will provide your business with the competitive edge for consistent growth and development.  Submit your Secure Loan Request now to seize your opportunity to work closely with our Commercial Loan Specialists.



Remember: “Businesses don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”
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